Monday, December 6, 2010

Music Video Final

Watch Me!

Three of my latest drawings from Foundations Darwing. The first two of class models, the third a self portrait and final project.

Made this in Illustrator in response to reading Genesis in my Mosaics class...
A self portrait I did to practice using the pen tool!

Self Portrait and its Meanings

This is a collection of things that mean something to me, all flattened into one layer on Photoshop. The upper left corner of the composition is the renowned kid's book character Rainbow Fish. I read those books like crazy, and still find the character and its generosity to be something to keep in mind in my life these days. The bottom left features me holding my camera, which is pretty self explanatory in displaying my love for photography. Just to the right of that is a outline of young Bob Dylan's face, I put that in there because he is an artist I really enjoy listening to when making art. Up above Bob is a photograph of  a Buddha figurine. This was one of the first photos I took with my Canon Rebel, along with being a representation of not my religion by any means but a way of life that I admire. To the right of that is a street light from New York City, a representation again of my photography along with my love for traveling and discovering new places. Then below that is an illustration of my face that I did when exploring somewhat deeper into Illustrator with a layer on top of that of a tea bag label that I found to be particularly attractive. In the middle of the composition I have scanned a letter from my father that he wrote me when I graduated high school. It has many humorous tips for living my life happily, and being successful. Since my father is such a quiet guy, and someone who speaks only when saying something profound, it's something that I hold up to the highest degree and turn to for inspiration in the most difficult of times.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ben Volta Lecture October 26th

I really enjoyed listening to Ben Volta speak, because the projects he does are all around inspiring, really. He worked with kids recently to make a humongous building mural. That alone is intriguing, but the way him and his group of kids went about creating the mural is what got my attention. Ben wanted to display multiple different rooms that a home would have, such as kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedroom, even a library which he admitted wasn't very common but the knowledge and plentiful books that go along with libraries meshed so well with his project. The kids looked at lots and lots of photos (starting from Google Images) of things that would be inside each room. From that they drew them, and created these patterns that were so thoroughly designed that they were hardly recognizable. I loved the end result.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Composite Photo

The goal was to make a composite image uses our own photos, but push against the walls of fair image use. Here I used the renowned "Bliss" image as my background, known for being the popular Windows Desktop Background.